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Our Story

Our Mission

Achieve your full potential.

Our Values

Compassion. Integrity. Respect.

Family Business

Peace of Mind Duluth was founded in September 2004 by the Wallin family. When I was younger, I wanted a briefcase, just like my Dad.  I wanted to go to an office and do “business” stuff and was thrilled on my 5th birthday when I got a black hardcover briefcase.   I set up my own little office in the home basement to do my “work” and kept my important papers in my briefcase.

Fast forward fifteen years and I found myself in college at a crossroads ... .I wanted to make a difference in others lives and needed some guidance on what I should do. Mom being a registered nurse encouraged changing my major to nursing as it is a profession where the possibilities are endless. It made sense and although I wasn’t too certain how I would like “blood and guts”; I took the leap of faith to obtain my bachelor’s degree in nursing.

I loved working in the critical care setting.  The greater the challenge the better; however, I once again found myself at a crossroads in 2004 wondering if I want to always work in the ICU or hospital setting. Or was there more for me to do?  It was at this time I became more knowledgeable about community residential settings (formally known as adult foster care).  The more I learned, the more it was clear that there was a gap in our Duluth community to provide advanced levels of care in a small setting to young adults who faced complex medical conditions.  Together with my parents, Dan and Gayle Wallin, Peace of Mind Duluth was established with the founding principle of providing care, support, and services to others the way we would want for our own family members.

We opened the doors to our first home on January 10, 2005 and over the next three years, expanded to six homes offering community residential services.  It wasn’t until 2017 when Peace of Mind started expanding services to individualized home supports, supported employment, and ARMHS.  The growth in services we provide at Peace of Mind has all happened organically by having team members a part of the team to explore the opportunities and what is possible. 

In 2020, brother/son Geoff joined the team and works in several capacities from account manager to jumping in to give a helping hand wherever needed. Geoff brings experience in managing large operations and teams, previously store manager for a local grocery company.

I am blessed to be able to merge my love for business and nursing into my everyday life. I am grateful to learn from my family as people and role models.  Together we ensure a comprehensive approach to Peace of Mind from a nursing and human service perspective to business operations and leadership.

The Wallin family used to be small in numbers, but over the years the size of our family has grown to include all the amazing people who trust us with their care and needs. The loved ones who believe in us with the most important people in their lives; and the extraordinary team members who make everything we do possible at Peace of Mind.  We are the Peace of Mind family. ❤️Lisa

Family Business

Our History

Peace of Mind of Duluth started with the principle that individuals are the leaders in their care, treatment, and goals. Today, we are driven by each individual’s wishes, desires, hopes, and dreams.

Individuals are in the position to lead and decide on their independence and decisions.
Peace of Mind of Duluth respects the rights of each individual; we encourage individuals to lead how their care is performed at Peace of Mind of Duluth.

Company Overview

At Peace of Mind of Duluth, we embody, embrace, and share each day our compassion, respect, and integrity to our team members, individuals, and the families we serve.
We are driven for change. Individuals, families, and team members participate in person-centered principles for personal, professional, and community growth.


Services we provide at Peace of Mind of Duluth.

Leadership Team

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