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Community Residential Services

Person-centered care to help individuals reach their goals.

Heather & Eric
Mary & Tammy

Achieve your full potential,

Mary & Tammy


Community Residential Services

Peace of Mind’s Community Residential Services is rooted in person-centered planning. Long before person-centered planning became a mandate and catch-phrase, Peace of Mind personalized each individual’s care to their needs, desires, goals, ambitions and expectations. Today, we continue the tradition of working as an ally to individuals with their goals, cares, and ambitions as the impetus to their daily living.

Peace of Mind of Duluth is home for 24 individuals in six homes throughout Duluth and Pike Lake.

What to expect from Peace of Mind:
Respect, compassion, and integrity for individuals, team members, and the community we serve.  

  • Community involvement that each individual owns and desires in their schedule

  • Personalized care

  • Goals for achieving greater independence

  • Fun, engaging home environment

  • Normalcy of life

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Our Duluth & Pike Lake Homes

Fun Group Activities Every Week!

Residential Leadership Team

Compassion. Integrity. Respect.

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