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Supported Employment

Helping individuals get back in the workplace by teaching skills and providing support.


Supported Employment

Supported Employment is where the recovery process begins. Our philosophy is to be your ally for finding more than a job: it is the opportunity to find additional meaning in your life and enjoy the autonomy that comes from having a career. We tailor our approach to your goals, ambitions, and skills. 

Where other companies are satisfied with janitorial or housekeeping positions, we help you strive for a career that is rewarding for today and the future.

Our supported employment process is to begin with assessing your goals, objectives, and skills. From there, we offer education and training, in part, on resume building, interview skills, working in a new position, and how to grow in your career. With your help, we work together to network with businesses so that you can pursue a career. Once in a new position, we help support you with job coaching, advocacy, or outreach so that you can learn to work with your employer.

At Peace of Mind of Duluth, we bring our compassion, integrity, and respect to help you earn a paycheck and achieve your goals from the excellent work you provide.

Vocational Services

We have 3 main steps for supporting individuals with vocational services:

  • Exploratory employment: Community-based services that introduce people to employment options and allow them to explore their options through work experiences. This service helps people to make an informed choice about working in competitive, integrated employment.

  • Discovery: Individualized services that help people find competitive, integrated employment or attain self-employment.

  • Support employment: Individualized services and supports that help people to maintain community employment in an individual or group arrangement.

Prevocational Services is where individuals will gain necessary work skills to prepare themselves for returning to the workforce.

Peace of Mind will work on the following skills and concepts to help individuals gain greater independence in the workplace:

  • Attendance

  • Attention span

  • Effective workplace communication

  • Effective social skills and conduct

  • Following directions

  • Motor skills

  • Personal self-care and appearance

  • Problem solving

  • Public transportation

  • Safety

  • Task completion

Vocational Leadership Team

Compassion. Integrity. Respect.

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