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Peace of Mind Stories

We are more than just a business. We are people who share human experiences with our community. Here are some of the people that inspire us to be better every day.

Chris's Peace of Mind Impact

We all remember our first.  Chris Rundell is no exception.  As the first person to receive services at Peace of Mind, Chris instantly felt like family.   For 17 years, Chris made his home on East Superior Street and has a lasting impact on everyone past, present, and future of Peace of Mind.   Chris was known for his long hair; tie dyed shifts (some with appropriate wording and others not so appropriate), jean jacket, telling it as it was, whether you liked it or not; and for 12 of the years, his four-legged best friend, Maxine, always by his side.  But if there was only one thing Chris will forever be known for, whether you had the privilege to meet him or not, was his passion for rock stacking.   Chris took on the responsibility of yard management at his Superior Street home and was meticulous with the appearance of the lawn but also the details of the yard such as shrubs, perennials, and of course rocks.  Chris started stacking rocks on his hikes in the neighborhood along Tischer Creek.  His passion grew and quickly he asked team members to help move 50-pound rocks back to the house so he could continue his rock stacking at home on East Superior Street.  Chris took pride in his hard work, creativity, and beautiful presentation of his yard. 

In 2017, Peace of Mind wanted to make changes to our mission and logo to best represent who we are and what we are about.  It did not take long to know exactly what we wanted and who inspired us.  Chris.

The rock stacks Chris created along the perimeter of his home was a perfect representation of Peace of Mind; threading together Chris as the first person to receive services at Peace of Mind and the journey of Peace of Mind.

Chris faced great adversity following his brain injury and battling brittle diabetes; however, Chris continuously worked towards achieving his full potential.  Chris worked several jobs over the years and was often recognized as one of the hardest workers.  Chris was full of personality and times were never dull when Chris was around.  Unfortunately, in 2019 Chris was diagnosed with throat cancer and in February 2022 passed away in his home on East Superior Street surrounded by his Peace of Mind family.  Chris is forever a part of Peace of Mind and always in our hearts.  

Chris Cover
Tischer Creek
Tischer Creek

Meet Tara

Sometimes good things happen when you're not looking! While Tara was in search of a position she thought would best match her skillset and interest, Peace of Mind crafted a position to make sure Tara was placed in into a fulfilling job for her.  While we weren't on the hunt for an office assistant, we met Tara and knew she was the perfect fit.

Our philosophy at Peace of Mind is to always looking for what's possible without forcing anything. In this case, it was right person right time.

Tara has been an amazing addition to the Peace of Mind team. She loves what she does and finds a passion in assisting others to complete important tasks. Learn more about how vocational services matched her up here at Peace of Mind:


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