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Peace of Mind of Duluth Testimonials

James & Bryce


I like Peace of Mind because I get to do many different activities. Some of my favorite activities at Peace of Mind are fishing, lake walks, and going to the Twins Game and Wolf Center. My three most favorite things about Peace of Mind are getting out to do things, getting help with carb counting, and a dog lives at my house.



Looking to futher my career I came across Peace of Mind. Upon reading core values and our statement "reaching our full potential," I knew I would have the chance to make a difference.  I am elated to be a part of the management team at Peace of Mind providing individuals with a chance to experience a life as they see it.

Chris Rock Stacking


Peace of Mind is an excellent place for me to be ME. I like the location, the food, and the yard games. And one of my favorite things is the freedom I have here at POM.

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